Today we recorded four acts, covering a wide range of musical styles: folk, punk, indie and even post-dance-PinkFloydesque-electronica-mishmash. That last one is not a joke.

We were fortunate that no major technical glitches happened - just one, in fact: one of the XLRs in our snake was faulty. The only other major incident was a delay in the shoot due to a camera not yet arriving on location.

Gear-wise, everything held up pretty well. Our DAW of choice - Ardour - held up really well. I don't remember seeing the CPU usage going higher than 50%, even when we were tracking 15 simultaneous tracks.

The Focusrite gear also performed like a champ. Coupled with their superb mix control software, it definitely came into play when one of the acts required a separate monitor mix for the lead singer. Having two monitor outs on the Saffire Pro 40 is definitely a good thing - although I wished there were more! I'll definitely write a separate entry about using these devices.

All our mics were flawless. The beauty of the Audio Technica AT2020 really came to the fore on the folk act. I definitely heard a vast improvement in sound quality compared to singer-songwriters we covered in past season (those we did with whatever mics were handy, usually a Shure Beta or SM57). Clear and crisp with a very warm bottom end. Definitely looking forward to mixing that.

Overall, it was a good day. And tomorrow we'll be tracking another 6 bands.

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